About Fel...

There is an author, who goes by the name of Fel. He releases his stories, chapter by chapter to the internet. They vary in genres, including fantasy and sci-fi. All of these stories have been posted for free on the internet. 

Fel has created several universes. One of them is The Firestaff Chronicles, which is the story of Tarrin Kael.  This is a universe of fantasy (mythology, were-wolves, were-cats and other were animals, powerful wizard magic and sorcery to name a few items). Tarrin's life and world are changed in drastic ways. Follow him as he adjusts to his new life and overcomes many obsticals

Fel has also has written in other genres. One is a science fiction tale, based on earth in the present or near future. In this story, earth has been conquered by an alien matriarchal empire that has telepathic abilities.  This is the story of the Subjugation.

Another story is the life of Kit Vulpan. A young fur who is running from family, pain and life, but runs smack into love in the oddest of places. Only his family is not through terrorizing him yet.

Yet another universe is the story of Kyven Steelhammer. He is a crystal cutter who can see spirits. But, If certain people within his village find out, his life is forfeit. Follow him as he finds his true courage and reason for life. Follow him as he becomes a Spirit Walker.

We also have a story of dragons and magic. The Dragons live on an island in the pacific, hidden by magic, and governed by a Dragon Council. On this council is one Chromatic dragon, two Sky dragons, two Fire dragons, two Water dragons and two Earth dragons. This council has ruled dragon kind for many years. But, because of treachery, the future of the council is in jeopardy. The treachery of a few dragons to the Earth Bond.

And as always, there will be other stories to tell...

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Below are the chapters of Fel's (James Galloway) current project.
They will be compiled and added to the books page once the arc is completed.

Revelation (Subjugation 10)