Firestaff Chronicles

Tarrin Kael grew up with an axe in one hand and a sword in the other. All he wants is to be a Knight of Karas. Fate has bigger plans. Lots of fire, flames, and more fire.
5 Books (Completed)

Pyrosian Chronicles

More adventures of Tarrin Kael. A sequal to the Firestaff Chonicles. Tarrin, for the first time in years, finds that there are no goals in front of him, except for his family, friends, and learning. However, he soon discovers a 5000 year old mystery when visiting ancient ruins. Lots of fire, flames, and more fire. 
3 Books (Completed)

Subjugation Universe

Earth is invaded by an alien, but human-like, empire and is turned into little more then a farming planet that provides the Faey ​Imperium with food. The Faey are a race of telepaths and stamp out any resistance before it happens. Jason Fox is a human who tries his best to thrive under the new system, without compromising this morals... until he can't.
9 Books (Completed)
Book 10 (in progress)

Spirit Walker

Kyven is an apprentice crystal cutter in a small out of the way village in an area loosely governed by the Loremasters.  Little does he know that soon he will be leaving his village, that he grew up in and chased by the Loremasters, hunters, slavers, arcans... 
2 books (Completed)
Book 3 (Hiatus)

Earth Bond

Magic and Dragons exist. Magic was just wiped from history over 1000 years ago by the church, and the dragons left human lands and fled to a small island in the Southern Pacific. But the two cultures are about to meet again, even as some dragons plot against each other. This is the story of Kell, the Earth Dragon.
Chapters 1-30

(Permanent Hiatus)

Set in a world where there are Furs instead of humans, Kit is a slice of life story of a rich Boston fox from old money that leaves his old life behind to live a new life away from his toxic family enviroment. But his old family doesn't want to leave him be, ​especially when they discover that he's in a relationship with someone that isn't a fox.
Chapters 1-42